About Us

Our Mission for Children and Parents

Calming Kids is an Australian owned and operated business.  It was due to having a sensory child and needing help from an Occupational Therapist that inspired us to start a business that could help others like us. We began our journey well before Calming Kids Australia was established in April 2006. 

We began to find it difficult for others including doctors to understand what we as a family were going through and for them to believe that even food, healthy food could make a huge difference to our child's coping skills.  We have been dedicated to fulfilling the special needs of Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, the general public, special needs children and adults in Australia and Overseas under the guidance of their specialist with our great range of products specifically designed to help children and adults who have special needs. 

Calming Kids makes products for special needs children and these have been carefully designed with the guidance and support of registered Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists and all products are manufactured with care and quality materials.  We manufacture, wholesale and retail several customised weight products. 

Please contact us at Calming Kids today. We have a wide range of weighted and other products to help special needs children and adults available for you to choose from. 

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