Therapy Products and More from the Calming Kids Store

Welcome to our store. You will find here a wide variety of products, such weighted blankets, weighted vests, lap bags, weighted wrist cuffs and more. All of our products are designed for the people in your life who have special needs. We consult with qualified Occupational Therapists when we design all our products, making sure that all of our products are of the best quality. 

Calming Clothing
Himalayan Salt Lamps
Indoor / Outdoor Play
Kinaesthetic Classroom - Standup desks / Pedal desks
Air Pressure Squeeze Vests
Therapy Balls
Weighted Products
Weighted Items
Weighted Vests
Weighted Blankets
Lap Bags

Please come and take a look at our store. 
We at Calming Kids have a wide range of products for the special needs person in your life.

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