What Other People Say About Weighted Vests and Other Products

"I just wanted to let you know that the weighted vest we purchased for special needs boy in year one has been a real success and he can now sit and focus for anything up to 50 minutes and handing in quality pieces compared to 1 - 5 minutes beforehand! Teachers, parents and student are all wrapped!" - Millar’s Well Primary School WA Deputy Principal
"Sorry I haven't sent you a message earlier, it’s been really hectic here... just wanted to let you know that I have received the blanket and we love it! Thanks so much for the blanket and I am sure it will do wonders for our son." - Mary
"Thanks for your reply.  The kids are already using the small blanket and loving it.  It is fantastic to have someone in Australia producing these instead of having to go overseas. ”- Jaci
"Alex is 15 years old.  I liked it.  I enjoyed the pressure feeling and the fact that I had control over whether to have the extra pressure on me or not.  The blanket we had was a small like a cot blanket and it felt nice on my lap when I was watching TV.  I would give it 8 out of 10 because I want a bigger one." - Alex
"James is 12 years old (with multiple sensory difficulties and lax muscles) - The weight is good but I don't like it in the blanket.  I really want one of those weighted vests.  I think that would be really nice." - James
"There was quite a bit of arguing over who had the blanket so I am taking that as a good sign although interestingly they both wanted the weight in different forms.  Alex really wants the full sized blanket and James is desperate for a vest.  A nice bonus to the blanket was that we tried the blanket on James when we were home schooling him and the weight on his lap seemed to be comforting enough that he found it easier to concentrate. I would recommend this for sure but I would also do a little experimenting first to see which type of pressure suits your child.  Calming Kids Have a great range of products including blankets, vests, lap bags, heated packs and more to choose from so it is just a matter of working out what suits your child best." - Alex and James’ Parents

Weighted Blanket/Lap Weight

"Thank you for the weighted blanket and lap weight.  The material is lovely, my daughter uses the blanket every night and the lap weight is great for her legs and shoulders and even for a tight hug.  Thanks again “- M. Pitchford

Weighted Blanket

"Firstly thank you thank you thank you... Our child for the last 2 nights has slept about 8 hours straight and the only thing that has changed is he now uses his weighted blanket. Seriously this has to be one of the best aids that we have brought for our son." – C. Stocco
"We are absolutely delighted with the weighted vest you custom-made for our 5 year old son.  Thank you so much for accommodating our special request to provide the fabric in our child's favourite colour. The vest and steel pellet weights are well stitched and the design looks very smart when worn! It was even better than we imagined from your website. The extra hook and loop tape across the back provides a snug fit, and looks like a traditional waist coat. We are very glad we found Calming Kids Australia. You offer a fantastic service for any families who have children with Sensory Integration issues. We were particularly impressed with your friendly and helpful customer service. Your turn around time was very quick with the vest arriving ahead of schedule." - H Lesley.
"Thanks for this I appreciate it! Just a short note to say that tonight is the 2nd night he has fallen asleep with the blanket on.  He only called out once and when I went in less than a minute later he was out like a light!   Impressive!  Both nights he has had it on he has stopped wriggling about like he always does and he calms MUCH quicker.  It cannot be a coincidence surely!"

Weighted Vest

"I have recently received your weighted vest.  We were very impressed. Well-made and it appears childproof as far as the weights go. It's great that is has the hook and loop tape at the back to ensure the vest is a snug fit” - Anonymous

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